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Jul. 14th, 2015

Some posts are still public but most of my entries are now friends-only. Please comment below to be added :)

Writer's Block: I scare myself

What is your greatest fear?

Well, I have a sort of phobia of heights, it really messes with me.. but I don't know how to describe my biggest fear. I always said my boggart would be a dementor, because being left with nothing but the worst memories, the worst feelings, without a drop of happiness in my life would be the end. I mean it. I can't stand despair and misery, it makes me feel so helpless, and I would fight so hard to never have to feel that, the blackness brought on by a dementor. So I guess that is what I fear the most.. and I think if I lost my family and friends and the people I love, I would definitely despair.

Writer's Block: No place like home

What are five things you love about where you live and five things that you hate? How does it compare to previous places you've lived?

This question is great for me at the moment. Going to try and come up with some good stuff.

Things I love:
1. I live close to almost everyone in my family.
2. I have amazing friends here.
3. It's the state's capital, so it's a busy city, but I don't live right in the center of it. Which is good, because I can have both sides.
4. My school is 5 minutes from my house.
5. There are a lot of things like street fairs, sport events, parties, etc.

Things I hate:
1. The city is dirty.
2. Crime rate is high.
3. The blaring social difference (although this happens pretty much anywhere in Brazil :/). And I mean you can be driving down a main road and to one side you see luxury residential buildings and on the other, houses, if they can be called houses, falling apart, people living in the most precarious conditions..
4. How people are rude on the streets, in every sense.
5. Lack of action by the government to solve these social problems and give the people what they have a right to (again this happens in a national scale).

Comparing it to other places I lived, I've always thought - it sucks. But what makes it worth it is the people here that are a part of my life, my family and friends. I like going to school here too, but then its ridiculous how much my parents have to pay for me to have a good education - public schools should be good for everyone to attend. The order of things here is screwed up. And it's unfair. Yeah, the world isn't fair, but still, you get tired of it, and you want something better for yourself. That's really why we're moving.

Writer's Block: Dream on

Do you usually remember your dreams at night? Do you analyze and/or record your dreams in your journal? Are there any recurring themes?

I hardly ever remember my dreams, so no, I don't analyze them in my journal.. I know I've had some episodes of dreams that they weren't exactly recurring, it was as if it picked up from the last time I slept and continued it like a story. It's really odd.

Jul. 10th, 2010

Pretty boring day today. The only thing worth mentioning that happened was that I went to see my little cousin's judo presentation thingy, and it turned out that the national judo championship was going on at the same time, so we got prime seats and watched. We didn't stay too long though, so after my cousin's fight we left, lots to do because of the apartment, we're moving next week (omg already?)!! Anyway, it was really cool.

The house is a mess, boxes all over, everything spread around, must start packing up my stuff.. so far only house things have been boxed up (but my books have, too!! :O) and our clothes and personal stuff awaits.

Going to have dinner now, I tried to catch up my comments with you guys today, hopefully I'll be more active now I'm on vacation!!!

Can't wait for Monday :) Have I said this? Lol. I'm bored already with not going out and doing something, and it's my first weekend of vacation xD

Jul. 2nd, 2010

The game's just started!!! Brazil x Netherlands. I am staying home today, just me and my parents watching together. Popcorn and Coke, what else do you need? After all, we like soccer and follow the Cup, but we're not complete fanatics. We have loads to do today after the game, too. Will elaborate on next entry, I'm going to finish that other post (lol I said I'd come back 'tomorrow' and it ends up being 3 days later. I really have been incredibly busy!)

Hope everyone's having a nice Friday! I didn't even have school today, so hopefully I'll get a lot of things done after the game :)

EDIT: Okay, 2 x 1 Netherlands and red card to Felipe Mello. Weeeeeeeeeee omigosh!!! It's turning into a massacre, hello, I think we're supposed to hit the BALL, not each other?!? Brazil has lost control. They are too damn proud of being 5 time winners and when they start to lose the game they lose their temper, too. Ridiculous. Dunga has to put Nilmar in and go for the tie, then see what he can do with that. 

Will comment more on the game later!! It's gotten more exciting so I think I'll start paying attention now :P 
Have to finish schoolwork. Will get online when I get home (am at grandma's house. Was watching the game, still here) and take my shower. Am typing up a big post on word. Also want to post about the World Cup because it's been very exciting!!! I haven't posted in ages, and I'm sorry. I hope everyone's having a great Monday!

Writer's Block: Mind blitz

Is there anyone you would permanently erase from your life and memory? If so, who and why?

I honestly can't think of anyone. I can't figure out if that's a good thing or not, but I think so, after all, it implies the people in my life have at least not been a waste of time :) Of course there are people I prefer not to think about or whatever, but I don't think my issues with them are enough to erase them from my life/memory, it just seems too petty to worry about. And even so, I suppose I learned from my experiences with them, so I won't mess up again in the future (hopefully, lol). 

Jun. 21st, 2010

This entry won't make any sense at all, so only read it if you're like.. really, really bored. Honestly. I am sick and feeling pissed off and annoyed and my head hurts and I need to vent about all my general issues. Argh.

And yes I am aware that I'm supposed to be happy. Well, the HAPPY BUTTON IS NOT WORKING. I've tried it already. And IT IS NOT WORKING.

I actually meant to post this a little sooner so I could get to the good stuff but whatever. I'm even managing to piss myself off lately. Sheesh. I deserve a cookie.

Rant, rant, rantCollapse )

Writer's Block: Weekend wish list

What's your idea of the perfect weekend? Do you generally prefer unstructured time or a busy social calendar?

I'd rather have some unstructured time thanks, the rest of the week is already pretty busy for me, haha. I like to break the routine, you know? Monday - Friday is just the same things over and over, it kills me. So on the weekends when I can just do things in my own time, it's nice. Chill :)

It's good going out with friends too of course, but lately I really haven't been up to much. Maybe we can hit the mall or something, catch a movie and just walk around a bit, but I'm not feeling up to doing much more then that, lol. Sorry.